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We have owned the Herding Breed of dogs for most of our lives.  In 2006 and 2007 we lost our old Collie and Sheltie, and when we bought our new Sheltie in 2005 it was obvious that she came from much better breeding.  Her temperament, structure, and beauty far exceeded what we had in the past.

The quest began, to obtain quality dogs that conform to the Breed Standard and display temperament that anyone would be proud of.  Along with this came the desire to display our accomplishments.  In 2006 we started attending and observing dog shows to see if it was something that we could handle.  The show bug quickly bit and we have been showing since. 

Because we are new to showing dogs we work very hard to learn the standard and qualities needed to compete in this extremely completive sport.  Our dogs come from various backgrounds and each exhibits at least some if not many of the quality attributes needed for the show ring.

We have been fortunate to meet extremely nice dog people that offer advice and are always ready to help us solve our problems as they occur.   Although we do not have a specific mentor, we would like to acknowledge the people who have mentored and continue to give advice:

Beth Rice, Fiann Aussies & Newfordlands
George & Tat Danforth, Romayne Shelties
Bob & Bill Scott, Twin Image Shelties
The Greater Kansas City Shetland Sheepdog Club
Locklyn Guzman, Apple Acres Shelties
Friends at dog training class, Peggy, Sharon, Kim, Kiera, Tim, and others that names escape me
All the local Midwestern Sheltie people that have provided support and encouragement.

2012 Accomplishments

2011 Accomplishments
Pleasant Prairie and Skye Isle Shelties has had an exciting show season in 2011.  Snicker won a major in April and a major reserve in May and then blew coat.  Rush showed a few times and won his class, but majors are avoiding him.  Simon came on strong this year.  He got his first point in April and minored out in October, with one Major Reserve, and 2 BBE BOBs and a BBE Group 1.  Karen Munster took Buzz in February and put two 3-point majors and 3-signle points on him.  Karen also handled Buzz in our first entry and attendance of an ASSA National in Gray Summit.  Audie handled Buzz in the Stud dog class with his daddy Buckets and half sister Shimmer.  Buzz came home in August and didn’t have much coat left, so he has been chilling out and coating back up.  Thank you Karen, Ed, Jan, Kelly, and Allison for the excellent care and presentation of Buzz during a very extremely hot summer.  Woody started the season well and got a RWD in early April.  While at the Nationals, we realized that he was slightly over, so we pulled him.  Woody is settling in and growing coat and we expect him back out next year. Sookie was shown quite a bit in the early part of the year; she was getting better with her fear issues.  We gave her a break for awhile and tried to get a litter from her.  The breeding did not take and when I took her out again, her fearfulness had gotten worse.  We repeated the breeding and hope to have a nice litter of Snicker puppies in January.
Charlie was shown one weekend and actually showed well.  Charlie sired a litter with Explosive In Bali Blue, a Ch Chisterling Lord Nelson daughter.  Our pick was named Pleasant Prairie High Voltage (Spark).  Spark now lives with and is co-owned with Terri Fisicaro in Omaha.  Spark won BOS to Best in Sweeps at his first show in Lincoln in October and is winning classes. Skye and Apollo had a litter of pups but we didn’t keep anything.  This Skye’s last litter, she will be spayed soon. Sefra was bred to Ch Kendra’s Victory Hill High Five (Buddy) and produced 7 nice pups.  Five are being grown out.  Sandra Thompson took  the pick male called Buster, Amy kept Skye Isle Simply Irresistible (Dori) and Skye Isle Locked and Loaded (Gunner), Audie kept Skye Isle Pleasant Prairie Echo’s of Ezra (Gilley), and Karen Munster is growing out a bitch called Abby. Ricco went to Amy’s sister-in-law (Jane Pope) to an obedience boot camp for a few months.  In his first and only show he got a RWD in Lawrence, and then blew the remainder of his coat. Belle was bred to Ch Okie’s Kell Wild Wild West, but it did not take.  We will repeat on her next cycle. Tammy was bred to Ch Kendra’s Victory Hill High Five (Buddy) and produced 6 nice pups.  Amy kept Skye Isle Never Surrender (Flash) and a bitch called Storm.  A male Thor was placed with Steph Hoff in North Dakota. Buffy was shown a couple of times and is working on her show personality.  She was bred to Charlie and gave us a litter of 5 bi-factored sables in November. We bought a new blue merle bitch show hopeful from Cindy Holmes that will be named Oakdale Pleasant Prairie Pastel (Stella).
2010 Accomplishments

Rush only went to major shows and did not place well (stopped using his ears).  Snicker earned 4 points and minored out in July; he also sired a nice litter with KC and gave us Pleasant Prairie Simply Simon (Simon) and Pleasant Prairie Persnickity (Paula).  Charlie was shown a few times and took 1 Rerserve win. Cocoa whelped 2 nice pups sired by BIS/BISS GCh Ch Karmuns Clean Sweep (Buckets) that gave us Pleasant Prairie To Infinity and Beyond (Buzz) and Pleasant Prairie Reach for the Sky (Woody).  By mid year we started showing Simon, Sookie, and Ricco in puppy and BBE, they have placed well and Sookie got a Reserve win and Ricco got a Reserve win and 1 point..  Pollo sired a litter with Amy's bitch, Romayne's Destiny Maker (Tammy) that gave us Skye Isle Grand Illusion (Buffy).

2009 Accomplishments

We really showed hard this year a total of six different dogs.  We showed our first Bred by bitch Sefra, she was shown a few times and won her class almost every time and took a 1 Reserve win; Sefra also whelped a singleton pup who is now called Skye Isle Pleasant Praire Phaser (Ricco).  Rush earned 8 points and 11 Reserve wins to minor him out, and earned the title of International Champion with a Reserve BIS.  Snicker earned 5 points and 3 Reserve wins and the title of International Champion. Charlie earned 1 point, and 2 Reserve wins and the title of International Champion; Charlie sired a litter with Cocoa and gave us 2 nice girls, Pleasant Prairie Thunderstruck (Sookie) and Pleasant Prairie Hells Bells (Belle)..

2008 Accomplishments
Early in the year we obtained a very stunning 2-year old blue merle male, Rosewood's Justin Time (Justin).  We showed Justin a few times and he did very well. Justin was awarded a ribbon every time he was entered the ring and obtained 2-BOB and 2-Reserve wins.  Justin had some faults that we did not want in our program and was also very male aggressive, so we decided to let him go.  We continued to show Charlie during the year and in May Snicker entered the ring for his first show; in July, Snicker took a Reserve win at the age of 9 months.  In August we purchased Can Ch Apple Acres Gold Rush (Rush), who had 1 AKC point and had not been shown very much.  We showed Rush a couple of times before the end of the year as he settled into his new home.  Pollo sired a litter with Skye and gave us
Pleasant Prairie Presents Rachel's Sassy Lil' Sefra (Sefra).  We obtained a Tri bitch pup, Autumn Creek Pleasant Prairie Kansas City (KC) from Bruce and Norma Duckworth.

2007 Accomplishments
We only showed a few times, Brae went over in size after her first show.  We started showing Charlie who is shy and does not care to show.  By the end of the year, we obtained Apple Acres Snickerdoodle Dandy (Snicker) and Apple Acres Equinox (Cocoa) from Locklyn Guzman to grown out for show.

2006 Accomplishments
Started attending shows to observe and learn, bought Echo Mtn. Pleasant Prairie Brae (Brae), Pleasant Prairie Back-in-Black (Charlie), and Pine Quest Apollo's Era (Pollo).

2005 Accomplishments
Bought Audra's Highland Skye (Skye) when our old Sheltie Harley was getting close to the end.